Do I need to send food for my pet to eat? 

We recommend you bring your pets' food. A change in diet will often upset their stomach, causing diarrhea. We do charge to feed them if you don't bring their food.

Can you give my pet medication? 

 Yes, we are happy to give your pet medication including subcutaneous injections. You must provide the medication to be given with complete dose instructions. Our fee for this is $3 /day.

Should I bring bowls for food and water? No, unless your pet will not eat or drink from any other bowl, you should leave them home.

How do I know my pet will have a good boarding experience?

You don't. We try very hard to make sure the boarding experience is good for all our guests. But some dogs are not socialized enough and some are attached to their owners to the extent that they are unhappy the entire time. We recommend bringing your pet with you when you tour, introduce him to the staff and send something that smells like you when you bring him to board. When we see that a dog is having a particularly unhappy time we will move them to the Senior Retreat where it is more quiet with less activity and they usually will relax and feel better.

Do I need to bring my pet a bed to sleep on? 

 We encourage you to bring what ever you think will make your pet more comfortable during its stay with us. A PetCot is available, but you may bring his/her crate, bed or blanket if you wish.

Will you socialize my pet with other pets? 

 No, we handle each family's pets individually. Our play yards are divided by chain link fence and the dogs can chase each other along the fence. However, dogs that do not know each other are never together in the same play yard or kennel.

Can I bring my pets' toys and treats?

Yes, you may bring any items of this nature. Be sure all items are properly marked with your name so we can try to get it back to you.

How often is my dog taken out? 

 We get the dogs to the play yard 2-3 times each day, weather permitting. Additional "OOO" Time (One-on-One Play Time) is available. See our Boarding tab for "Additional Fees".

What if it gets very cold or very hot, are my dogs going to be comfortable? 

 The kennel is climate controlled and the temperature kept at a level that all pets should be comfortable. In an extremely cold or hot conditions, the doggie doors on the indoor/outdoor runs are closed and dogs are inside during the extreme temperature period.